Casos de Éxito

  • Whack a Monster

    Whack a Monster

    Wear your Moverios, download Whack A Monster App, open it and start punching the Monsters with your “ virtual hammer” (Moverio - hand controller)!…

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    CHALLENGE: TIME Special Edition magazine produces iconic booklets focusing on the world’s most important issues and people. Spinar was chosen to develop and Augmented…

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  • Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge Awardees

    Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge Award

    CHALLENGES: Sikorsky Innovations conducts an annual Entrepreneurial Challenge and is designed to accelerate innovations and disruptive technology concepts with applications for the vertical flight…

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  • Pepsi Through the Ages – AR Experience

    Pepsi Through the Ages – AR Experi

    CHALLENGE: Pepsi produces an annual event for its Top 200 North America partners to demonstrate its market leadership and new technology vision. Augmented Reality…

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  • Black Holes – AR App

    Black Holes – AR App

    One of Spinar’s first AR games. Consisted of a series of complex AR experiences. Using the Gyroscope and Accelerometer on Black Holes App, and…

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  • Ghost HuntAR – Epson Moverio AR Videogame

    Ghost HuntAR – Epson Moverio AR Videogam

    This was the first videogame Spinar produced for Moverio’s platform. It was the most downloaded app on Moverio’s platform for over a year, and…

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  • Mitsubishi – AR Experience

    Mitsubishi – AR Experience

    Spinar created a customizable experience for Mitsubishi enthusiast. Using brochures and newspaper – magazine printed adds and with the use of AR you could:…

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