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Albiladdaily KSA – AR App

Spinar built the AR App for the most important Newspaper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The app has Image Recognition AR as well as Geolocation AR, giving them the possibility to bring the images of the newspaper to life and also to create an AR directory across the entire Kingdom with interactive locations of…
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Banamex – AR Campaign

Now Citibanamex (Banamex, the largest Bank in Mexico, was acquired by Citibank), commissioned Spinar to add AR into a restaurant campaign using rechargeable batteries. People would aim their phone’s camera into these batteries and, while re-charging their phones, people could participate to win a prize through an AR Experience.
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Bimbo – Gansito Marinela AR Campaign

One of Spinar’s first big accounts was Gansito Marinela by Bimbo (the largest bread company in the world). Back in 2013, Spinar was commissioned the task to add AR into Marinela’s Gansito cake to promote their skaters new campaign. The campaign was promoted through Social Networks, aiming specially at teens.
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